Damon C. Roberts

PhD Candidate

University of Colorado Boulder


I am a Lab Fellow in the American Politics Research Lab and a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder with concentrations in American politics and research methodology. My research focuses on political psychology, political communication, race and gender, and applied machine learning to aid with causal inference. My current projects examine the effects that politics have on shaping psychological processes. My research has appeared in Political Behavior, Political Research Quarterly, American Politics Research, and Social Science Quarterly. My public scholarship has appeared in the Washington Post.


  • Emotions in politics
  • Political Communication
  • Applied Machine Learning and Text Analysis
  • Causal Inference Methodologies


  • Ph.D. Political Science - Concentrations in American Politics and Methodology, Present

    University of Colorado Boulder

  • B.S. Political Science - Concentrations in American Politics and Public Policy, 2019

    Boise State University

Recent Publications

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